Masinotehnik - rezervni delovi za industriju
This company exists for over three decades, guarantee is the best certification of its existence...

Over 200 clients used company's products and services...

MASINOTEHNIK d.o.o. is a private enterprise specialized for the production, overhaul and service of spare parts for the purposes of industry and economy. The enterprise was originally founded in Sweden in 1973. With the liberalisation of regulations on foundation of private companies in the SFRY, the company moves its head office to the home country. As such, the company exists for more than three decades and during that time the company hasn’t changed its profile. Yet, it remained faithful to its vision. Only companies which are of strong profile in their field can withstand long tough market competition which our experience has proved.

The company doesn’t have fixed production programme. However, it works according to ‘fast response’ principle which involves client’s requests and they are usually different and diverse.

Product range presented on the web site is the vertical intersection from the recent past. They don’t represent the most complex or the most representative works company has carried out throughout its history. Even though it is impossible to enumerate the complete offer of services and products, it would be unfair to claim that it is infinite. We tend to compensate our limits by cooperating with many producers who are narrowly specialized in their field, so that we would be able to finish the complete process until the final delivery of the functional part to the client. However, this support is also limited. We do not accept the job if we are not able to complete most of the work in our section, with our own machines and equipment because this is the only way to control the whole process and the dynamic of work.

We hope that we have represented ourselves realistically, without false modesty and uncritical complacency. We are looking forward to hearing from you via email; fax or you can visit us which would be our pleasure.